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Reach truck operating in racking


Reach fork lift trucks are one of the most widely used and are a key part of the process in warehousing, distribution and lots of other business operations. The ability to steer 90 degrees and turn in tight spaces means that reach forklifts can be used in smaller warehouses or where racking is closer together

Operators should be trained to an essential level of skill to work with Reach Trucks trucks safely, efficiently and with competence. By the end of the course the operator should state the reasons for operators training, and pass a basic operatives skills test as set out in the HSE publication Rider-Operated Lift Trucks, Approved Code of Practice, (L117)

Maximum of 3 Delegates per course.

Course Content


  • Need to train
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – Employers & Employees Duties
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)
  • Principle of counterbalance
  • Rated capacity/Load centres
  • Understand the causes of instability of lift-truck and load.
  • Operators safety code
  • Relevant films
  • Theory test


  • Carry out a pre-use inspection checks
  • Refuelling or battery charging and maintenance
  • Basic steering
  • Advanced steering (chicane, confined areas)
  • Elementary use of hydraulic controls
  • Loading and unloading a vehicle (if required)
  • Use of industrial racking systems
  • Use of free standing stacks (if required)
  • Stacking and de-stacking at all level from ground to high levels
  • Operators practical skills test

Course Cost

Novice course (up to 5 days): From £350.00 per person, Candidates who have no experience of counterbalance forklift truck operations and need to gain experience and industry certification for a Counterbalance Fork Lift Truck.

Refresher (1 day): From £120.00 per person, Candidates who already have or have previously held a valid certification for a counterbalance forklift truck and need to brush up their skills.

Experienced course (up to 3 days): From £260.00 per person, Candidates who already have some experience of counterbalance forklift truck operations and want to gain more experience and certification.


It’s critical for every business to Keep it Legal! Our experience and knowledge of the industry, combined with our expert training provision, can ensure that you remain compliant with your training and operational responsibilities. For example, if your forklift operator’s certificates are out of date, you could be issued with a fine for non-compliance – recently issued fines are in excess of half a million pounds.


Candidates will undertake a multiple-choice test to assess their job-related safety knowledge at the beginning of the course and a practical test following the training. A certificate relevant to the level of training undertaken will be awarded on successful completion. As an accredited trainer, we offer two levels of certification for your staff:

  • Brittop National skilled operator photo ID certificate (additional £25 per person). This enables the trainee to operate (with permission) anywhere in the UK. The certificate is valid throughout the UK and will be recognised by both employment agencies and perspective employers.

  • Brittop Basic Trained Photo ID (in-house)training which allows the delegates to operate at your company premises only.

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